Welcome To Eagle Shuttle

Eagle Shuttle is not just another private shuttle company. We are about more than simply getting people from one place to another. We are about efficient, environmentally sensitive transportation that relieves on-road congestion, reduces trips and fuel usage, and provides a high level of convenience for customers.
Eagle Shuttle achieves these high standards through what we like to call "Intelligent Consolidation". We take consolidation, the process of combining multiple private passenger shuttle systems into a single operation, several steps further. Intelligent consolidation factors inenvironmental preservation as well as the ease and efficiency of use for both clients and their customers.
The easiest and most cost-effective airport shuttle service to and from PDX from your home, office or hotel. Book your reservation for airport transportation now. Eagle Shuttle is  providing door-to-door ground transportation to so many passengers per year. Our friendly drivers, comfortable vans and reasonable rates take the hassle out of getting to.